I can’t even curse you out right now
or ignore you until the next country
I end up in
to take a vow
You left me some thirty thousand feet
in the air, planes, wifi …with a text delivered…wow
Walking down shiny hospital floors
This is foul
Death and cleanliness
I’m asking mySelf “Who?”
These cliche sounds of an owl
I swear that ended my year off, with a vowel
F….f….in my mind all I heard was a howl
Everyone, even if the shirts were pristine
Mentally seemed as if they’ve been ripped
At.. every single seam
It seems
This not so not dream-dream
Felt as real as it ever could feel

If you were fighting those cells with her, in the battle of the Reaper
You almost had to smile, at how terribly beautiful life is to the ether

I really miss you
And I don’t think I’ve ever truly knew what that meant
Until that sharp dent took more than what I spent
It was dense
I don’t think anybody knew how I felt in public
Definitely not my friends
I’m on vacation comrades
Hello job
Hold on job

These car rides felt so strange
The topics were plain
But it involved you somehow
Not on the teams sheet on the field playing

But through whatever pains
We started to remember those names
who skipped beyond these galaxies
And smiles and memories down upon us
It felt like you gave us what you’ve gained
And cackled that laugh, you laughed, like only you could laugh
I am cracked

But the shattered pieces of me
Refracted all of this math
And now I see how to love you
My family
From afar, behind or beyond any star
You are my star
And you are still alive or
Still the fire ore…flame that propelled the
Newly lit dwarfs
To set course, of course
And I thank you
With every vocal cord in my throat
An every tear drop that could overflow my boat
Such a beautiful one that has transformed beyond time

And it’s fine

Because the way the Sun set when we left that establishment set, my friend, we are fine

We are so, fine’s like any beam that could gleam any energy

Cylene, the sound that if translated, means heavenly

Iove the sound of that…I love the sound of that.

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white and gray bird on the bag of brown and black pig swimming on the beach during daytime

One day I’ll throw the phone away

You know where, not to find me

And it could not stay, these hints have been universally

reminding me

that ultimately, baby…

Who could see, what the eyes are processing

I always shiver, but I never knew I’d see it through

Glass skin, I’m asking

are you really cool?

Are you really you?

Frozen freezing fool

Make me spill my fuel

See you in a few

You’re my gem, my jewel

Canon ball to pool

It was always you

Solace solitude

Good thing my blood’s infused

with love that’s lust removed

each thrust is rust to lose

Just us in us

this light divine

Beautiful recluse

Trillions in trust I choose
the focus
Soft shell body
Showing how fresh the molt is

Sunny soul bliss

Tipping toes to my openness

one last smile, blink

and shoulder kiss.


Young thoughts from one of the older kids.



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Wall in together now 

This wall. I wonder how many people before me, sat in this same position, eyes fixiated on the cobweb patterns of paint, reminds me of veins, fungi, bacteria, me. Why the hell do humans keep returning to this entity which offers no response? Empathy? Sympathy? Apathy? Me? Loyal.

Protects us from hoardes of zombies, the frozen loud whispers of winter, the sharp pieces of the sky falling…for reasons unknown. I know.

Listening, without ossicles suspended in liquid, that’s wicked. Crying against it, like some giant beast, with a chest horizen wide, and strong enough, to support our terribly tired, skinny fat, short tall bodies…when we are at our light-heavy comma, weight-Est. Great beast Embracing Self, an allowing us to scream nothingness…and cry dry tears of woe.

No judgement, just fluency of the silenced language, and the warming sensation over the shoulders, like electricity spilling into a bulb. The light is on. No matter how beautifully comforting it is, the dark, I find the reflected light, which bounces off the pigmented striations in the wall, to be most beautiful. Repainted eighteen thousand and forty six times, I can’t even imagine the amount of confessions you’ve witnessed…I guess you’re real, since I’m acknowledging you as….you. But, what are we looking for in objects we cannot see through? Maybe it’s a representation of our fear, of transparency.

Glass always cuts, and is far too blunt to converse with; always showing what’s on the outside, with small distorted refractions, and picture in picture reflections….of us, staring at the tears racing down our cheeks, to annoyingly tickle our chins(laughing? Humorous?), quickly, wipe that salt off your face…because, nothing is too funny when you’re sad.

The punches don’t work. Not worthy. Either you waltz with numerous amounts of crystalline sharpnel, splitting your cells open, or the energy from your fist, breaks through and your powers float off into the ether….missed lessons.

The wall however, shows you nothing of Self, and your punch merely blemishes it’s bulk. Thine knuckles cry, blood rushes, but at least the energy remains; bouncing back through your fingers, alerting your receptors… to remind you…to remind us, that walls….are everywhere, and to fight the entity that protects us from the living dead…is disrespectful, to every inch of our everything. Aware of awareness, enough so, to realize…that we are still here, still inside…no matter the state…behind a wall we dwell, whether cellular, or cell.


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I’ve been drinking about you
All the water drops an all the rain
Wondering my brain
Walking through your
Could the frost upon the plain
and take your roots down to the stone
I refrain
from letting you be someone else
Tell me how
good you would you feel
If evolution called
My lips the dips
distant vapor mist
Flower come here
simmer down
Simmer down
Can you resist the bliss


Oasis in the abyss
Eclipse the kiss
Turn to mist…this…


Us all
They’ve been wondering where
we’ve been

I don’t even…I truly don’t mean our…but if you won’t….what was this? Power

tripping over an under that which is …now or..


I couldn’t even not, didn’t did not…needed nothing got…
…still got my, 


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Windy Sea casts a shadow 

  1. Today, you should get away …
  2. From the…sometime play
  3. Let me breathe, in the sometime shade
  4. ______ ___________ __
  5. Solar key
  6. unlock the sun light safe
  7. All over me, the sometime rays
  8. _____ __ _____ __ __ _ _ ___
  9. You remind me, that this is just a phase
  10. We could even end up in the same place
  11. _ _ __
  12. Too familiar, I’m starting to see you in my face
  13. And I know you’ve had some things you had to erase
  14. ____ ___ _ _________ _ _____
  15. Things that can make you mentally flail, but honestly
  16. _ ____ ______ ___ ________
  17. I just want to wake up inhaling the breaths you exhale 
  18. __ ___ _______ ____ _____
  19. You look great in red, I think this can set sail
  20. You said it yourSelf
  21. “Who else would manage the wealth?”
  22. ____ ____ _ _____________
  23. And since you said that to me, I’ve been thinking about my health
  24. What condition I’m in, and what could I do to put things upon another soul’s shelf
  25. ____ _______ _____ _____
  26. You told me
  27. “I’m so sick of the Ads, they just tell half truths, in order to make you buy, after they advertise”
  28. ____ ___ _ _______ ___
  29. At this point, I couldn’t even look you in your eyes 
  30. I felt as if covertly it was something to despise, but, could I?
  31. _ _ __
  32. Nobody knows the sound of anything falling, when they’re not there
  33. _____ ____ _ _
  34. So I know what you mean when you say you don’t believe in trusting thin air
  35. _ _ _ __ ___ _____ _ ___ __
  36. What’s that, fear?
  37. Good
  38. This is the opportunity, hold my head under the water, allow the frame to gulp for….something, near
  39. _ _
  40. Though there is oxygen, no lungs need to adhere 
  41. Too wet to be processed, the bubbles start to disappear   
  42. (… ..)
  43. Still eyes, until you are taken out the salt, under my lips, with one push of breath down the throat
  44. _____
  45. Expelling the element in which I am soaked
  46. _ _ ___ _
  47. Dripping soul across the boat
  48. We’d say love
  49. They’d say we have returned 
  50. to the sea to cope



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Moon breath


Free me from my love, lover
Be it as snow which is kissed by the sun
Reminding the frozen
That to the core which may be broken
Lay waters suspended, awaiting the ocean
Free my from my love, lover
Like sonic waves to the motion
Heart beats and cleats through the dark leaves around..
All I ever wanted was to never not hear your sound
Free me from my love, lover
From whatever link we are bound
Coax me like rust embracing Iron in its clutch
Break away the bonds an electric dust
That collected upon what was once
Free my from my love, lover
Teach me that they are all mine
Simultaneously whispering to me
‘Nothing is here to bind’
Unravel this pinecone within my mind
And scrub away the crust like stone which has formed
With citron, lime
Free them from your love, lover
Notice your face within the rhyme
I freed you from your love, lover
Because. .



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“Chinese man creates own Lamborghini out of iron and an old van”

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