I don’t like..

investing my feelings in people anymore. They just aren’t worth my time, I’d rather be in the oil fields making money. Few friends, few problems. The rest are just spectators in my life; and no, they have no say in my actions. The further you stay from me, naturally the better you and I will be, as far as our relationship is considered. There’s only one thing I care for in life besides my mother, and that is being happy. I don’t care if you’re offended, if I don’t gain happiness, I want nothing to do with you; that, is what I want out of people really. Not too much to ask, and then again, even if it is…I don’t care. I want what I want, and I want it…now. You have to rape this world we live in, then treat it with TLC. It’s always been like this, being a dear student of history, I see this happen in too many readings. And as always….nothing matters, only the things that apply to your life. Someone asked me, what I define as a friend, I responded – One who I can benefit from, love, trust, and laugh with. They had trouble with the “B” word instead of the “L” word…ironic but…listen..nobody in this world owes you shit, per se….but guess what? I don’t give a fuck, everything I mentioned is a benefit, LOVE, TRUST, LAUGHS….what..you think that is just food items on your fucking shopping list? Fuck you. You can’t benefit me, I’ll just use you…and come on American citizens, let’s be honest. The only things we (yes I have my passport now) do as

Americans is:


Earn money

Spend Money



and look out for self…oh..and then we die..or some shit.

It may sound like I’m coming off a bit too much, but will you or I care…after we’re having orgasms from a joyous life….

..chances are, we will not.



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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