Same life story.

You invest. I swear everything is like money. Love is money. Money is love, and I love money…actually I hate it but, yeah. I’m selfish; here I am doing everything outside my lane, yet I’m still angry. People like to hold money ransom, they love it when they know others want it. It’s a natural high, and they’re the junkies of life.I just need an excuse to be angry that’s all. This is solely because I’m greedy, like the Queen song “I want it all, and I want it now”. I hate hurting people, but if they upset me, I hate it when they’re not hurt, and no not mutually, but worse. Maybe it’s the new change that’s happening in my life, that big change where my past is now present, and hopefully not so much future. That’s what it is, because I’m never this vile. Usually I smile, and say well fuck you too, I love you! There’s no love, love don’t love nobody. I understand people and their drug habits, because no anti-drug besides sex can clear up these fucked up emotional situations. If I acted out on my childish emotions, or showcased it, I’d be burning people alive. The scent of burnt flesh would be like cologne. Thankfully I’m  a quiet sociopath, that’s too psychotic to act out my own madness. It’ll blow over soon, but in the time being, I want to……………..I want to ::insert emotion that cannot be explained by typing here::

My water is Luke warm now, I think I’m going to throw it away.


About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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