A Hazel Dawn

If you should ever give me lemons for my tree
I wouldn’t accept it
If you should ever give me leaves as love
I would only neglect it
I don’t deserve my roots flourishing under
your concrete
For I am sheer disappointment
I long sleep..

If you should ever take an axe to my hollow trunk
I would let you
If you should erase the carvings of our initials
I couldn’t forget you
I robbed you of water
dear beautiful daughter, of mother nature
I weep in disorder

If only I knew another flower blossomed
in another garden
I’m sorry pardon..

Here I am
in the grass I stand
ravenous weed
with heart of quick sand

Fooling you as if I were a truly a tree
and you ate from my leaves
how stupid of me

But none of that matters…

See, look!

Look who it is
that I called on myself to end your suffering

Here come the men
chainsaws a’ buzzin’
and what did I get to accomplish

But none of that matters…
I bleed wood chips
I shatter

‘Twas my fault all along
now my body will be furniture
in the
Breaking Dawn..


About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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2 Responses to A Hazel Dawn

  1. Ellen says:

    Wow, powerful and I love the reference to trees!
    I so love them~

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