An imaginary interview

Why do you write poetry?
Because I do.
That’s not an answer.
What is an answer?
Alright, what does poetry mean to you?
Everything, and nothing.
Who inspires you?
Yes you.
But who specifically?
What do you mean it?
It, whatever IT may be, it inspires me; anything.
Music or Poetry?
Music, and poetry.
Do you consider yourself more a poet, or musician?
I consider myself, I.
Are you original?
Everything that is produced by different means, is original.
When will you stop writing?
When everything stops.
Why don’t you scream with emotion, like other poets do, when you perform?
Because I don’t care to, screaming isn’t emotion, it’s screaming. Emotion isn’t shown, it’s told.
Who are you?

-Steve Rich


About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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