But what if..?

Inspired from a philosophy, based from the movie “Waking Life”. Thought it was extremely interesting, so I decided I wrote a poem, from my own observation. Hope you guys like it.

But what if this is just a dream
What if I am not awake
What if this is just the matrix of the mind I’m experiencing
dead…at my own wake

What if the feeling of your lips, are as real as science fiction
What if these drugs are just illusions, with my delusions as
The real addiction

But what if the darkness is really a glow
What if I’m not alive
And died twelve minutes ago

When one dreams
Death for the man in the vision is just you waking up
What if this is not real life
And when you die
You just wake up

Could we really discount just how powerful the brain is
We’re distracted
Life is acted
Free will is for those living
Bowing to the sky on knees

I don’t know if I’m alive
I don’t know if this is a dream
I don’t know if I’m already dead
Brain still functioning from the sharp cut
of a guillotine

I may be conscience
Or I may be someone’s thoughts of good or bad luck

It makes me wonder….

….when will I wake up?

-Steve Rich


About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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