For the women who are in this boat

If the words “My boyfriend doesn’t like it when…” Or “I can’t my boyfriend..” Falls out the corners of your mouth, whilst speaking to me, chances are I’ve lost 63% of respect for you; as you’ve lost 80% of respect for yourself. Ladies (and I say ladies, from what I’ve seen the generalization lies greatly in the favor of women) don’t be toys for your men, it’s an ugly lifestyle. Don’t let him control you, don’t you dare let him put hands on your life. Example given: about 1month ago, I called a female friend of mine, got voice mail, only to be called back later, by her boyfriend.
Him: who this?
Me: you read my mind perfectly, because you did indeed call MY phone
Him: who you looking for?
Me: obviously the person that owns the phone, don’t be coy..
Him: she said she don’t know
Me: -laughs, hangs up phone.

-later she calls me back saying “sorry that was my boyfriend, he don’t like when other guys call my phone”

I find that shit so intolerable, it’s pathetic. I will never let my woman dictate my ways. From having female friends, to hanging out etc….
How can you let yourself be controlled by the one you “love”, isn’t that a contradiction.
Maybe I should just mind my business, and let you go back to being robotic.

Just remember one thing my female acquaintances, a puppet cannot see it’s strings…but you know when your limbs are being pulled.

That is all, have a good relationship my lovies.

-S. Rich


About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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