I’m past the present for the future, or?

I mean, why would I live for the future. For I am no time traveler, trust me when I say I’m not. I cannot live for the future. My ex-girlfriend used  to curse me off saying, I live for the now, and I’m going to get AIDS or some shit (Freddie Mercury :-D), but hey, what can I say darling.

If I lived for the future, I’d just be commuting suicide. Put it this way, all the non-smokers are going to die, well before the smokers, after all that anti-carcinogen banter.

“Like…what…the….fuck?” <copywrite Steve M. Rich

The fuck do I care about the future, for all I know, I’ll be dead from eating bad shrimp; what I’m saying is (stop laughing), by the time you’re done preparing….life already passed you. Yeah you may think

“Oh I was so smart..balls…balls…penis….ass in my mouth bla bla”…but by then, you’re already too old and delusional to notice the shit that’s around you.

The brain is powerful, you cannot convince people. You can only beat them up, is what I learned; either that, or you’re Jim Jones *and I love grape drink*.

Maybe I will catch AIDS and die, but hey, I’d rather be happily dead, than miserably alive.

…..life is finite, and so should your preparedness.


About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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