Jackie Hilson

To be loved, to be loved
Oh what a feeling
To be loved
To kiss, to hold
Your fingers I fold
Hugs and cheer
More joy, less fear
Salt snow, salt tear
And I love you my dear
If bend, we break
What then you take?
A Notion, that the Human
Makes no mistake
Robotic, Semisonic
One last call for alcohol
I’m Gin, you’re tonic
To laugh, to cry
To the ends we die
You pray, I nay
“What lust?” say you
Trust must be blue
Not red today
Arguments twist
while our skies
Meaningless words
Love becomes a competition
And you plan on being number one
in each and every decision
But where are my testicles
My man hood should be next to those
Giving me that dumb-fuck look
And of course you’re smart
You, after all wear spectacles

Go ahead, blame me for always blaming you
What’s new?
I thought we passed the 5th grade, well I did;
Not you
Little person, young mind, big body
Venus flytrap for a mouth, now go potty


Who cares right?
You say that proudly

Quick to start the battle
and when I end the war it becomes
a hassle (for you) you’re smaller
than you think :: hands you a baby rattle (Boohoo)

And once again, lost as another gender friend
amongst the sexes
Now here’s your chance, after all, you always talked
about my many Ex’s


Sweet dreams.



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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