Oh Happy Day!

I usually don’t care to write about the idiocy I witness in my life, but I think some people can relate. So with that said, I’d like to share some thoughts.

There once was a girl who was to say the least attracted to me. I never gave her the time of day really, she was just; boring I guess, perhaps. She was cute though. Anyhow, we went on about two dates, and in between her sucking other guys dicks, I’d always phone her an ask her all the irrelevant questions (What’s up? How was your day?) to pass the time. I was….interested, to some degree (she had nice lips, get it?).

But alas, she suffered from a stupidity complex that many people (not just women I date) I deal with have. THEY BELIEVE THAT, just because they pose stupid debates, or arguments, in which I overturn and prove wrong, suddenly : I think I’m better than everyone (and in this case, themselves).

Is it because I’m a good debater, that doesn’t talk as if he hasn’t passed grade school, is that why I seem like I’m cocky?

To this day I fail to understand. Because one is more so intelligent, than random peers, he or she all of a sudden is self-centered. In that case, you’re fucking right.


I don’t give a fuck, it’s not my fault I’m not the next douche down the block that can’t articulate a certain way. Is it because I used vocabulary that you (generalizing) dumbasses can’t bother to look up, and incorporate it in your own ways of speech?


Couple months passed, and I hit her up today to ask whether or not we can hang out.

(Keep in mind, last time we talked on the phone I had to hand feed her the common knowledge that your nationality isn’t where your parents are from, but where you are born; obviously she didn’t get it, and thought I was bullying her or some shit. She should stick to oral sex..I digress)

So she tells me, she’s busy.
So I say, “Thanks, that’s good to know. Now back to my question”

I mean really…do I give a fuck about you telling me a moronic response to my simple question? No.

So she says she doesn’t think it’ll be appropriate, because she’s seeing someone.

Me: Seeing someone, as in, boyfriend?
She: No, not really
Me: I don’t believe you can have a half boyfriend

Apparently, she’s “testing” a guy out. I’m not sure how many ways you can suck a dick but, the experts may disagree, and enlighten me one day.

So………I just wanted to be straight to the point. I told her, I don’t care to break up her blissful experiment of fellatio, and, she told me very forward: She doesn’t want to hang out with me (now get this) because I’m pretentious and annoying.


That’s when I deleted her, and told her in that case, it makes no sense to be friends.

She claims that this isn’t because her new “man” or…dick, or whatever.

Just goes to show you the person she is.

She wins a Miss New York competition against 17 yr olds, and all of a sudden the Queen is in town.

Just because I didn’t play your game like all these pussy suckers, doesn’t give you the right to be mad.

Oh U Mad?

Lol, I love women.


~Steve Rich


About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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