Random Thoughts

Somethings I’ve noticed.

1. “Nm u” is the equivalent of “please dead my boring ass”

2. People who dub themselves “weird” are pathetic, an are trying too hard to be unique.

3. Most people don’t know the definitions of: Race-Nationality-and-Ethin


4. If someone says “you think you’re smarter than everyone” chances, you are.

5. “I can’t juggle 3 guys, I already have two. I’m not a slut”. Yes you are pudden.

6. Joining the army = cop out.

7. Most people who say ” I listen to all kinds of music” only listen to about three genres.

8. Young people who say ” I love Vodka” (unless Russian, or grew up inside a factory) are lying.

9. Sometimes = Never

10. “not that kind of girl” <–who said you were? Guilty concious she’s a slut.

11. “I’ll call you later” = bye

12. I’m :: insert parents nationality :: , but I was born in America (wtf?- see number 3 on list)

13. City kids who call themselves hippies, and claim to “fight the power”, are wannabe revolutionary pussies.

14. Peoples tone of voices get heigher while they concur with you, an are actually lying out their asses.

15. Lier = Liar

16. BIC. Bitches is crazy.

17. There is no such thing as “big words”, stop being a dumbass and google it.

18. If men are stronger than women, then put them back in their status before 1920s, or like China’s culture.

19. AIM instant messenger is dead. 😦 <–this actually makes me sad.

20. I don’t want to see your Blogger.

21. Interesting people, don’t say that they are.

22. People who express themselves as they want, are normal. People -trying- to be different are weird.

23. You can’t handle the truth.

24. If you’re not willing to debate it, you don’t believe it.

25. Nobody is ugly, but not everyone is beautiful.

26. Friends are worth as much as Hitler’s sympathy. Lose the titles.

27. Informing your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend that they can be replaced is not something shocking, or uncommon. So what really; is your point?

28. Sex is no more sensual than a kiss.

29. Question: “Why can’t we just hang out without having sex?”
Answer: Because that would be hanging out.

30. Men lie. Women lie. And yes Gay-Z, numbers also lie.

31. The meteorologist is not your friend.

32. Homosexuality is becoming a fag…I mean fad.

33. “I’m bi” = I’m gay….sometimes.

34. Ricky Martin isn’t straight :-O

35. You can’t miss a text, call, e-mail etc…more than once, in a single setting. You know you received it. Stop lying.

36. No woman is better than me. I am no better than any woman (except maybe Sarah Palin or some shit)

37. She may be from the Internet, but I’ve slept with her. You lose.

38. “You are a little cocky lol” = OMFG I WOULD SOOOOO BE YOUR COTTON PICKING SLAVE!

39. If you can’t take a joke, I implore that you drink crude oil. Pleaseeee!!

40. If a “Yo moma” joke is made, and your mom is dead, it means, someone made a joke, and your mother is still dead. Don’t believe me? Meet me at the graveyard in 22 minutes.

41. Question: How many girls have you had sex with?
Answer: a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli.

42. Hispanic women are born pregnant* (still in research)

43. Nobody cares that you’re 0.3333% Japanese. YOU BLACK NIGGA!

44. Smoking weed, and getting mad at cops = 21st century revolutionistic youth.

45. Jamaican = is not a race. It is a NATIONALITY. If you weren’t born there, you’re not Jamaican
“But my family is from…” SHAT DHA FACK AP!!


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I drink glasses of cold water.
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