So, I wrote a poem….

There stood her figure
A foot and a half tall I figured
A strawberry blonde face
With platinum blonde streaks
A sparkly black wet nose
And fluffy gold feet
Chestnut brown eyes
With lips dark as 11pm
A pewter and silver black coat
As precious as a gem
A pig pink belly
With white hairs that raced across
Teeth like Milk Quarts sharp and
A personality Goddess like in it’s
Opal black dagger sharp nails
An ego bigger than herself sails
Through…..her ventures in an out
Of the house
Yes she sails
And at a slight glance something
Her feature of microcosm, under
Her hair like veil
Wags with her emotions
A dwarf of a tail.

-Steve Rich


About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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