Somebody loves nobody, anyone?

“And how cold is your heart?” asked Nobody
“As cold as Alaska in space with the dearly departed”
in which Somebody responded.

Nobody “Maybe you’ll mellow out, burst with joy like cap from bottle top”

Somebody: “You don’t care enough to speak, your opinion..stop”

Nobody: “But I do, it’s just that I’m so busy…”

Somebody: “With who?”

Nobody: “The one’s that don’t exist but…”

Somebody: “Shut up with this, attitude, this false sense hope”

Nobody: “Ahh, but not a joke, yet I do gloat”

Somebody: “So why do you linger, like nail to finger?”

Nobody: ” I don’t know, I guess I’m just there, like voice from singer”

Somebody: ” I don’t trust you”

Nobody: “But again, why must you?”

Somebody: “You’re right although”

Nobody: “Out of spite I did love you”

Somebody: “You speak of love, a bond between two, yet you’re worth as much to me

Nobody: “A bottle to glue”

Somebody: “No”

Nobody: “Believe!”

Somebody: “No leave”

Nobody: “UNTRUE!”

Somebody: “‘Tis not!”

Nobody: “But is…”

Somebody: “But nothing”

Nobody: “Something”

Somebody: “What something?”

Nobody: “No; okay, nothing”


Anyone: Nobody lies, it’s all truth of heart.

Nobody: See, a lie I speak not

Somebody: I hope you rot

Anyone: Busy here, and busy there

Nobody: I simply find it hard to fit you anywhere

Somebody: I don’t care..

Anyone: But you do, we all do.

Nobody: At least I still respond, isn’t that a good clue

Somebody: Poor excuse, the words you talk loose

..I wish somebody, anyone, could hang nobody with a noose…

-Steve Rich


About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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