Steve M Rich: Realism in a butterfly No.27

Because; people paint
they make strokes
they are surrealist that are chart’d
they paint your nose in acrylic
your hands in charcoal
and pencil in your soul

I am canvas
unprimed I soak
at times provoke
sad clown, great joke
so pink in my emotions
and red in devotions

Scrape me
white paint over brown
metal brush- blue in sound
I cannot judge
If drip don’t wipe
if smudge? alright

I am canvas
naked and white
opposite of night
cousin of light
father of nothing
brother of…

You are canvas
Monet you talk
Da Vinci you act
but you’re just Francis Bacon
disfigured fool
purple rat

Go ahead, go act
Marlon Brando me bitch
Because I’m Marylin Monroe in care
Driven James Dean living
your stars are dim

You pop
Warhol soup can
thrown away
to rot
Sad woe is you melancholy
you are a walking dream made up

…..the world’s Salvador Dali



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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