The Tree Sitter

I once sat high atop a tree
Envying the clouds that raced above me
Flirting with the moon as she nestled between them
My beautiful blue lady Sapphire gem
My friend the raindrop said “no chance in hell for this”
I responded “my dear liquidious, I’m an Atheist”
He gasped as he fell and splattered amongst the rocks
And so followed his friends…dying raindrops
She left me, my dear moon left me
The clouds acted as eye lids, which closed steadily
Platonic, I lied to myself, which was ironic
The lonely tree sitter with thoughts so atomic at birth
one epiphany of mine, would implode the Earth
Sirens, bird chirping, bodies of dead water droplets falling
The sky rumbles, my mother is calling
Oxygen cocaine like sweet, circulates through my lungs I speak
Without words, talk to nothing but street lights and pollution
But they bore me as I inhale my last conclusion
Encased in an armor of cold air, I smile and sigh
As my moon lady camouflaged sings me a sweet lullaby
She still loves me.



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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