Once upon a time
The End started
And finished as it begun
In the middle it stopped
And started abruptly as the needle spun

It opened while closing
Slightly ajar it shut
Sealed when preyed off
Went down when up

It died when it was alive
And was born in death
Recovered when it was killed
And suffocated with breath

Blindly saw the horizon clearly
Shouted so quiet, the deaf had to close their open ears
Stood up with amputated legs
And received my cheers

Presently absent
I smiled with a frown
Eyes open closed
Looking up…side down

Life is a mask, and what we see is what’s there
You know it’s a lie, but you really don’t care
See the truth is plain, and recognizing it is mundane
But you also wear a mask, so why complain
Ask questions to answers known, and laugh at jokes that aren’t funny
Take people as coins, count their souls as money

…this world is selfish



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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