I wrote it as a song, and hopefully I can find a blues/soul singer to take this on!
Or I could use my own beautiful voice, and carry it out myself.

Tell me what you think people.

Every bodies different/ we’re not all the same
We all think differently/ another mind/
with another brain/
Everybody listens/ but not all learn the game
We all except the best/ and count on life/
to support the rest/
We are not that different/ You and I are
similar/ don’t think I will forget/ skin is skin
bone is bone/ all til’ the death/
I can’t believe you/ your eyes they lie to me
Oh no I must believe/ you will hurt all you see….

When the final bell has rung/ you must hide
you must seek for blood/ under the floorboards
your soul it reeks/ I can feel you/ burning faster
a calm relief/
Now your aura is dying/ time has met you/ for the
final throw/ you can run but you can’t escape/
Grim’s hand/ this time you will not awake/

Death…it starts to waltz in your eyes/ I can see it
no surprise/ water dries/ heat drips/ I kiss your lips
so Rich/ no more laughter, no more tears/ no bliss
no more fears/
Eternal sleep has captured you now/ you can frown
and beg/ but you’re not heard/ you’re locked away/ shunned
to the night/ amongst the dead.

-Steve Rich


About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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