Two Thousand and Nine.

I must say, this was  the most amazing year in my entire life. I’ve been on this earth for over two decades, and no year can compare. I went to three countries, met some amazing people, got insanely inebriated, broke some hearts, and beer bottles. Made some DAMN good money, plenty women, saw friends I haven’t seen in over eleven years, man, I can truly say, I felt like God. Spending money like it’s nothing, going where I want, when I want. That was my taste of nirvana, I let my hair down (literally), and took those risks (no homo). I reunited with an old lover of mine, and……………yeah.

I met, and hung out with my favorite Dancehall artistes, shit…….I wish I could exaggerate more, but it was just so amazing. I mean, minus EVERYBODY dying in 2009, it was amazing. I was having sex, whilst Michael Jackson was dying, but you know what? The sex was great, like his talent. 2010 is starting right, my trip to Las Vegas and Atlantic City is doing me well so far, muahhaha!

I can honestly say, I was giving Tucker Max a CLOSE, run for his money, not as cool but oooooooooooooooh I was so fucking close. Maybe if I was Caucasian, it’d be different, I can’t go into detail of how great it was, but this is just a start, but just to clear the air, Steve M. Rich…HAS LIVED!

……it has only just begun.


About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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