I don’t have cab fare

I tried writing without crying, but it didn’t fucking work…..this is for you man, I never wished the day would come, that I’d have to write something like this for you.
I haven’t cried in about seven years, and it feels bloody terrible, I’d rather we just share our inside jokes, play basketball- go to parties and hang out…like we did for the last two months. My chest is burning, I’m blowing hot and cold right now….until the last fucking ounce of wighted oxygen is in my fucking lungs, I will never forget you.

A poem for you, my brother

-I don’t have cab fare-

“I don’t want temporary
I want forever
I don’t want now
I want never
If it’s one day so be it
If it’s that last smoke, I’ll breath it
But we can’t have what we want
Which is mother nature’s fault
I’d give you some of my wasted years
…Just to see you, seeing me with no tears
The last bottle of Cognac we drank
I still hold
No matter how many more after that…I’ll still be cold
No God called you
No it wasn’t your time that night
It’s just that with beauty comes light
And balanced with darkness
Life is finite…
If you can hear the words I’m typing
I implore you listen
I love, and miss you-
Your aura…the glisten…a friend till I myself collapse……Darnell Gibson”

-Steve M. Rich


About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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