Rest in peace my friend.

Just recently, I lost a close friend of mine. His name was Darnell Gibson. He died in a car accident, after losing control, on the parkway. He was killed, and three other friends, were injured, but survived. It’s very hard to cope with this pain, but for his sake, I will try. It’s been about seven years since I cried, and I found myself, two days in a row shedding tears. He was one of the close friends, that I…illegally rode through college campuses, partying, and getting into trouble with. Ever since I moved  to this country, the united states of America, he’s one of few, I can truly say, I have never got into conflict with. I have never even made jokes on him, it was always us making jokes on other people. Even my best of friends, I have fought with, but not D. After a couple clubs, and events, my day was maxed out, till 6am, and I drove to New Jersey, and fell asleep at my father’s condo; only to be awoken by a phone call, from another friend of mine, calling me to tell that Darnell died. Imagine that, the last two months, I’ve been partying with this guy, driving around, having a blast, and then wake up to this. Summer 2010, has been starting off amazing, rivaling my Summer 2009, and now it’s taken a turn for the worse. Can you guys believe that…..the day he died, he hit me up, with his contact info (because I just got a new phone number and such), and now…unfortunately…that is all irrelevent…as much as I wish it could be, he’ll never pick up my phone calls, or answer my messages.

I’m truly in disbelief, and extremely hurt.

Rest in peace my brother, I love you.

Darnell Gibson

8/10/1989 – 6/20/20


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2 Responses to Rest in peace my friend.

  1. Jingle says:

    sorry for your lose.

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