Does it matter?

When you’re caught a flame, the last thing on your mind is to look for water. You want out; out of the fire that is melting your being. You see, scars are mother nature’s way of reminding us of what happened, that’s why the big ones don’t entirely go away. Yet we look down on these scars as, imperfections, or,embarrassing marks; only to be cut again. We sometimes wonder why we keep getting cut, it’s because we blindly band-aid these wounds, and go back on the climb. Once you’re out of the fire, you start to think of what you could have done, or should have, that only does so much. Maybe we should pay attention to these “embarrassing marks”, maybe we wouldn’t get injured again.

But last time I checked, maybe, didn’t get you anywhere.


About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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