Water you doing?

Should I be convinced that I’m just plain

a cold and colourless child of rain?

Or is it that I transcend color so you’re unable to categorize me…

then you say I have no smell

well…hell; I like that, a compliment that I will dwell….


and of course

you need me, like artist needs song





and as I lay on the concrete my body is slowly eaten by suns rays, but I don’t bleed…my body rather disappears as it’s set a blaze..but….blaze? For I cannot catch fire, yet I steam

and descend to the heavens evaporate with desire.

Only to die, and fall from the sky again.

Abundance, you flush me with waste…..some friend.

Treat me like shit, add me with paste, I’m on your lip……an every time I hug someone….for too long…they die….so how is that me…I….sustain life, and take it as fast as it intakes me…..
Water you…….no…water we…

..Don’t ask.



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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18 Responses to Water you doing?

  1. systematicweasel says:

    An excellent take on the prompt! I love the layout as well! =) Awesome post!


  2. soulintention: signed .............bkm says:

    I really think this is brillant Richi…I love your original style…so different from mine but I have learned something new here…like it…keep writing….bkm

  3. rk says:

    i loved the way it began… had to read it couple of times before i caught on… that it was a response to the prompt!

  4. Purple says:


    Hi. My first visit here and I’m positively blown away. You bleed whatever comes out of you. That’s honest and believable.:)
    I love this post. Your spontaneity of thoughts caught on me. I love this kind of writing.
    Rock on.

  5. ninotaziz says:

    I love the words. I love the ideas. I love the look and feel of this piece.

    Love it!

  6. dasuntoucha says:

    Very vivid piece…enjoyed!

  7. Ellen says:

    Full of surprises the beauty and then the ugly~ It was a great reflection of reality!

  8. personification…a longtime favorite…especially when well done
    love the originality, and the clever play on water/what’re… bravo!!!

  9. buttercup600 says:

    My first time here as well and I am a fan for sure…please keep writing and I will be coming back for more….don’t ask 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. shewriting says:

    so are you sick of all-my-comments-in-one-day mode yet? lol. I finally got to ya and now I can’t stop reading. Good stuff, rich, good stuff…

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