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I’d love to cry.

I’d love to cry one day, and drown in my tears. Cry till blood has to replace the salty lacrimation, and escape the yesteryears. Newborns get to have all the fun, whilst men with chest hair, anchor liquid to their … Continue reading

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At least I know Il Capitano approves.

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Because he had curly hair, that was too lazy to stand up He never wore shoes, had grass blades and dirt for socks And always had his hands up- Spoke with accent so thick, English became scared Thought the world … Continue reading

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Lights, lights, lights!

For some odd reason, I miss Manhattan. I miss it being crazy cold, in the sharp cut streets, millions of moving lights, eight million people in an out…..hustle and bustle. The soft, cube nights. I miss that. I miss it … Continue reading

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Obama chia pet FTW!

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Well wallright then.

Themoreholesthat’spunchedthroughthemoreducttapeThemorewoundsoflastnight ThemorewebreakAndtheyheareverythinganareabusedhitandtakeblameforothers ActionsTheybareeverythinganareaccusedbitandbakesshameformother’sfractions Alwaystheretoleanonorstopsomepoorsoulfrommoppingwhilstmopingonthefloor A friend to the friend and foe unlike the suicidal window or the runaway door One that takes your shit and sits there still, not breathing, strong like ox a cold clammy, solid reflection of your … Continue reading

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Dead stars.

There’s so much stress in the world of those whom aren’t blessed with millions of dollars, I’m included. There’s many outlets people use to escape these realities, some use drugs, some use art, so on and so forth. I use … Continue reading

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