Dead stars.

There’s so much stress in the world of those whom aren’t blessed with millions of dollars, I’m included. There’s many outlets people use to escape these realities, some use drugs, some use art, so on and so forth. I use art, but I also use something that I guess, can only be explained ever so “blah” with words.

I look at stars. The same twinkling giants that I have been looking at for years. They’re almost like best friends that you accommodate, yet, they never respond to your conversations, laugh at your jokes, or have drunk sex with you. They’re like that girl that has no interest in you, because your shoes are ugly, or that Spanish guy that just sits there pretending to know what you’re saying, but can’t understand English (oh and he’s smiling); I like that. A friend that can be in your presence for a lifetime, and not say a Goddamn word. They just shut the hell up, without being told, and you feel so comforted by that. The trippy thing is, they may not even exist anymore, due to the amount of time it takes light to travel and hit the Earth, an ultimately our sight. They may just be dead. I guess that’s why they never talk back. They just sit there twinkling due to atmospheric pressure.  They may be the biggest liars ever, fooling everyone. Not knowing if they’re alive, and pretending to actually being “twinklers”.

It’s when I stop and look at these stars, I can just not worry about unpaid bills, school, family drama, women, an all other burdens in my life. They’re lucky they don’t have to put up with all this shit, they just sit there, millions of light years away, dancing above planets and clouds.

As soon as I take my eyes off them, reality pours back into my bowl of life.

…if only I got paid to look at these motherfuckers.


About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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5 Responses to Dead stars.

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  3. shewriting says:

    nice one! It made me laugh. I really like it.

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