Lights, lights, lights!

For some odd reason, I miss Manhattan. I miss it being crazy cold, in the sharp cut streets, millions of moving lights, eight million people in an out…..hustle and bustle. The soft, cube nights. I miss that. I miss it being with a girl that I believe I loved, god I miss that. When you’re a New Yorker, you gradually end up hating Manhattan, because it’s well…it’s “the city” (because in reality nobody calls Brooklyn, X, Queens, Staten Island, the city even they are) and it reminds us of work, and stress. Every now and then, I get tourist syndrome, and miss those big ass buildings, owned by those millionaires, and other people taking my money…….**sigh…I miss walking around doing absolutely nothing, but kissing, running up and down, and using each other for body heat. I swear, when you’re young, dumb, and in don’t feel just how cold it is. It’s when you’re alone, you start noticing all the negativity; for when you were with that person, you were too distracted by their eyes, and when you went home on that subway, then that train, then that taxi cab, with your dead cellphone, your lips were still pulsating from all those kisses. All the millions of people? I don’t see them when I’m with that special person, I see maybe, 5, including her, they may just be the people working at the stores. I hate how I love New York. I’ve adapted quite well, from an island boy, to one who appreciates the city.

Let’s make winter 2010 memorable……the nights at least, screw the day. Vampiric.


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I drink glasses of cold water.
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3 Responses to Lights, lights, lights!

  1. Lynette says:

    This piece pulsates with life! Your descriptions of the city are vibrantly sharp, and serve as counterpoint to the emotional roller coaster ride you take us on…brilliant! I’ve only made it to New York once, many years ago, but can see you’ve captured the essence of what makes it a place like no other…

  2. Jingle says:

    great writing!

    hope to see you at poetry potluck tonight, only one hour before the linking starts..
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jingle says:

    hello, friend:

    I invite you to Attend Thursday Poets Rally Week 29, linking in a poem by commenting,

    Happy Thursday!

    have fun, poets return favors, you can make it a try, see what happens.. thansk for the support.

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