Fly me….in a plane, watching a plane fly

I swear I’m like this little kid when I see airplanes, a trait my baby sister seems to have. Every time I see a plane in the sky everything must cease, so that I can look at it flying in the sky. I must confess; all those “butterflies” and crap that other people get through “luv” and such, I get that feeling when I look at flying airplanes. I’m starting to believe this is a sign, either deep down I’m destined to be in aeronautics, or I just want to leave and go somewhere else.

Helicopters don’t have the same effect on me, perhaps it’s because they’re so limited, as to where they can go, and I DON’T like that.

Hmm…leaving. I like the sound of that. I think everyone at some point in their lives, wants to leave; go somewhere that’s unfamiliar to them, so they can escape familiarity. I think that’s what I want. I want to leave all my troubles, debts, and woes behind. I guess I’m a coward, but I’d rather be the coward that’s always smiling and whispering “catch me if you can”.

You ever just like, want to do nothing? Seriously, like absolutely nothing. Have nothing to live up to, have no fancy clientele, no goals in life etc…. I think I may want that.


I like conversing with people, and making myself the life of the party, but there’s something in me that wants to see nobody around, at least nobody I know.


I wouldn’t necessarily want to be too free, I guess I like the chase. With that being said, I know for a fact I’d probably die if I had a house, that had no legs, subsequently, it could not move. I feel so stifled to tell you the truth. But that’s my fault for not going away to a college, in the middle of west nofuckingplace.


This is another symptom of me and constantly want change. I hate doing, being, eating, wearing, or looking at the same thing over an over again.

I heard Ella Fitzgerald (who happens to be my favorite female vocalist) sing on the radio yesterday “Fly me to the moon”, I’d like that. Fly me….in a plane, watching a plane fly.

I think I’ll go write a poem now…





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I drink glasses of cold water.
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3 Responses to Fly me….in a plane, watching a plane fly

  1. systematicweasel says:

    Sometimes we all need to feel the freedom of flying, nicely written! =)


  2. Jingle says:

    go ahead, write a poem.

  3. Jingle says:

    please help pay a visit to riika and leo today to wish them well..
    Thanks a ton.
    u rock!
    Happy Monday!
    hope to See you at potluck today.

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