The stars are dead.

This is a letter to the women I’ve loved.  It’s not in proper letter format, I know. But this is for you.
Dear, fuck You
I’m guessing ’twas the American culture, in which I moved into, from the Caribbean, and Europe; that made me this way. You know, the “player”, “pimp” blah. I’ve told you things like “It’s not you, it’s me” and “Nobody has ever…”
But that’s just the way life rolls I suppose. Out of everyone of you, that I’ve given a title to, know this: I really did care for you. I just didn’t know how to go about it (i.e the reason why I lied etc…). I’ve left many impacts on lives, and minus the Kanye West cocky attitude, it’s true. You have changed so much, not even you yourself has noticed. You claim it’s the same old cliché “maturing” or “I’ve opened my eyes”


Your eyes have been open since birth, and you have matured since hair started growing on your vagina (it was there before me, trust me, I was looking). You’ve changed me, as much as I’ve changed you. As much as that man (woman preferably) that never spilt coffee on my shirt at StarBucks has changed me, I’ve done the same to you. I’ve came back crawling to some of you, I have. That is because I value people, and don’t care to exile people, or keep bad blood. Most, if not all of you has given me that label of “asshole”. Now I know you ladies aren’t fond of anal sex, but why that label? I mean, I call you bitch because, there is a dog in us all. You just happen to be the female sex. Talking about sex, we had a lot eh?
it was a driving force for us, it was. Instead of just shutting up, and riding the roller coaster that is life (or my #@%!), you spoke, a lot. That’s what I like about women, as much as I hate it at times, I love that you won’t shut the fuck up. Because it does two things:
  1. Shows me who you are
  2. Keeps things interesting
Now don’t get lost, keep in mind this for the one’s that I’ve loved. Yeah. You guys are great. Even if I thought I loved you, you’re great. I thank the deity that you worship, that we broke up. That is growth, going through something, then getting on with life. Sadly most of you don’t revere our time together as an experience. But the sex was good great! One thing I do get, I mean, another thing (sorry) that I get labeled as, is, well, I’ll just put words in your mouths…like other things (food :-D) “He was very smart, and talented”.  Talk about bigging up myself in MY own BLOG on MY LAPTOP eh? But don’t be alarmed at my self-centered stench; after all, don’t forget where you are:


…Look around you…..this entire blog, all these words…..are for you.


Thank you falettinme be mice elf agin* <—-and I mean that.


You are not my ex’s, you are people.

Don't touch me..

Come here..


Sincerely, asshole: Rich.



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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