I've always dreamed



I dreamed

Noticed as soon as I saw you, I was home

That feeling of cold nothings, kissing marble walls of buildings so tall

I felt Phantasmal in the city of no one at all



I dreamed

And you whispered water in my pores, and down my face

Trying me everyday, with two breaths, under sun, honey sweet, honey glaze



I dreamed

That you were so damn tall, and I was the same size missing you

and you kept looking at me

you were smiling at me, gargantuan lips of purple paint

that scrape my soul like bone, I faint- from flowers like eyes

that grew on my face, with visions of green garrulous goddess

getting gawked greatly gold….which is funny, that you spoke

of laughs an exhales, and the upper management of my spine

which shall break with you in due time….calm, then abrupt..



I dreamed

… ever since I sat….I’ve never woken up.



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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14 Responses to Liste.e.n

  1. shewriting says:

    haunting and mystical and a wonderfully descriptive write! Had an element of fantasy to it for me as well. thanks!

  2. Square Corner says:

    Holy cow, is this good!! I’m glad I found this post. I will keep reading.

  3. pamela says:

    Love the repetition in this piece.

  4. Jingle says:

    your words drop like rain drops,
    wet and heartfelt…

    beautiful writing.
    enjoyed the imagery your words paint.

  5. This is TRUE poetry – really inspired. Your words flow like the honey you write of, it all washes over the reader like a wave. Every line perfect. The repetition of “Listen Beloved I dreamed” is just perfection. “Flowers like eyes that grew on my face, visions of green garrulous goddess” . Oh. My. God. This is amazing poetry – beautifully done.

  6. ScottlB says:

    wonderful write with a running flow conjuring images of fantasy…thanks for sharing

  7. Eric says:

    Sometimes dreams are more real anyway. Nice Potluck dish!

  8. Hi there!
    I came across this poem on a guest poet page on a website called poemslifelove. I followed the link, then upon arrival I got distracted by all your other work. Still, this was the poem that caught my attention, so here’s where I’m commenting….first! Sorry, ramble aside, you write good, thank you 🙂
    I look forward to reading more, look after yourself!

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