What the fuck is art?

Shut up, just shut up. I’ve had it with people judging art forms, an artists. Seriously, YOU CANNOT TELL ME, OR THE NEXT MAN OR WOMAN….that what they do..is of lesser importance because “it takes less effort” or “it’s not really creative” WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!? Everything in this world, is art. There is no such thing as “bullshit” art. You are bullshit if you disagree. Respect someone for the shit they like, and can do; don’t put people down, or label them as such- because they don’t meet the standards that you set. Who the fuck are you? Clement Greenberg? And even if you were him, you’re still full of shit. Gucci Mane to Nas – A three year old’s finger painting to Van Gogh, Me when I first bought a guitar to Jimi Hendrix: NOBODY IS BETTER. Art is what it is. Whether it takes less effort, or more effort, it’s art. Nobody ranks higher- fuck your opinion, it doesn’t mean shit. So to all you people out there, on your high white pure bred Equus ferus caballus (horses) – that believe you’re a “true” whatever…because you listen to Beethoven, and not SouljaBoy Tell ’em- EAT A DICK. You’re even worse, than the scum.











About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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2 Responses to What the fuck is art?

  1. Daniel Jay says:

    Well, your passion here is clear! I agree, art is of an origin most like the passion with which you wrote this entry, if it has no heart, is it still art?

    I very much appreciate your time in reading and commenting at my site and worry not, no offense taken. Promise. I too look forward to reading more of your opinions..

    • If it has no art, then it’s simply heartless art- still art in my opinion; if anything, it’s just another canal being explored. Thanks for checking my material, and likewise friend, I will definitely keep tabs on your site.

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