A perfect relationship for lovers.

I think the best relationship is: having many fights, many arguments, some cheating, hiatuses, laughs, intoxicants and lots of sex.
We never get a chance to hold the perfectionism, that is: Happily Ever After.
So why complain, or expect fairy tales.
I know for me, reality is actually real; I dare not stifle the truth. As much as we want to walk around in confusion, an obfuscate the details in life, it will all come crashing down. Oh, and when it crashes, it hurts. It kills. Nobody knows what it is, so when asked “do you love me?” there is no clear answer. Love is similar to intoxication, case in point: you believe you’re sober, until you’ve knocked down a pack of pens, some books, and then the bookshelf. Don’t ask me if I “really” love you. If you’re asking that, chances are, the answer is not the one you’re seeking. You don’t find “that” person, you find each other. They’re not the person that lived next door (trust me on that one), and they’re not the person that you think is “the one”. Don’t go searching, and don’t leave yourself vulnerable.

For you see….I butter my bread with BUTTER! And…that has absolutely nothing to do with that I’ve been talking about but, let’s make up some excuse, to use that as an analogy. See, when you have bread, you can eat it as is. You can add things to it, and it’ll taste alright. But when you butter it…….alright forget it, this is corny….

Any how, don’t be distracted by emotions, embrace them! Even the yucky ones. Pretending is always fun, but it really can get tiresome. Don’t do it.

Don’t listen to Oprah, she got….alright I won’t go that far lmaoo…



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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