Sweet Somethings

I got you.


You see, for you; I’d climb a mountain so tall- the giants would vomit in disgust


for you- I’d wither every rose petal on the ground, into dust, just so you could tell me….

Tell me these things, these anti-cares, an all your fears, and with bright big tears- your words melt me…..and flow like electricity through my ears….

You told me once that, you were that, and that, that, which was what, didn’t matter. How could I, when I, thought I, but didn’t. Not when but then, or then, he could, not I, then you, how, what who? See……you are, when you, and I, with them, jealous, but why we, why you.

You want-want, but give-nay say, say?! Say-say- it, or no now not, but why, question, none, don’t talk.

I’ve hated you in the flesh, but never in my dreams. Danielle I love you, you are beautiful, you are what it means, means, means, these things….we …we are.

Our sex, is, not of, but yours is me, carpets, and cuts- I walk home, with smile on my face, from parties of last night, liquor and camera light- and we make love, until your father left for work- WORk…WkR..work me…and you…by the school, and sit in the middle of the road and KISS…..me.

Play on swings, hop over dirt, lay in the grass, run and jump! My music playlist, oh hey sis!!! Hi…no, bye..you’re not there, she is….she is…..Sis….SIS…she is. She is…it all. Danielle, no blue eyes, but a great smile- and when we left-left that house- we met for the first time- kissing till the sun- beamed your car, and I was driven home…my home…home…I hope, and you did, get-got home safe….

I’ve never hated you in the flesh, minus once- and in my dreams, I haven’t- because I never dreamed of you….you live in long island…..and me……your with..stop the car…I’m with you.

This – is – a heart.



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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One Response to Sweet Somethings

  1. kemimarie says:


    You need to read your poems.. this was nice 🙂

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