New Jersey Transit.


There is this lady, and her small son siting on the railing of my tiny ass “double seat” like…I’m not giving up the seat for mother and child. I’ve been up all day, fuck you! I get it, I don’t look white enough, so they feel comfort around the Middle Eastern young man. The kid keeps looking at me, NIGGA- you’re not sitting next to me alright. So you can keep looking. I’m sorry, I’m nor being courteous today; sorry. Wait….he looks mixed, oh great even better; so what now? You think we can relate now? No, fuck out my face. Next time, tell your IRRESPONSIBLE mother to be on time. Not my fault, I’m not your father. We never had trains in Jamaica when I was being transported, you know what I did? Walk mi walk mi bloodclaat foot. So gweh from yah. Whaaat dis boy really try nudge himself inna mi seat lmaoo! Guh suck yuh muma!
Now he’s dropping candy on the ground, oi batty boy!!! I’m not falling for that one!
So yes, sit there and…oops I mean STAND there, and chew your gum. Yeah lean on the seat in front of me, may help your spine. Ohhhhh no he’s trying to sit!!!! Time to move my bag so he can move, STOP TOUCHING MY LEG! Alright I’ll let him sit. I give up. His mother looks kind of attractive, wait…oh shit I think he’s speaking Spanish….hmmm. Alright whatever. I may give his mother a seat too…mmm, nah, she’s not giving it up, so I’m not. Time to call a French friend of mine, and speak French so they can’t mind my business.


About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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