It happened once

“Boy your are delicious
The way your beard creeps up, down, an around your face.
You and your un-smooth skin, I love it.
Boy, you’re mine. I love men that can do nothing, and
blow smoke at mirrors, and make me liquid.
Damn boy.
You’re like that orange strand between my teeth, teasing me, so
I’m going to need your thighs, to meet mine thrice, and sing me
vibrations, like……..well, your cellular device.
Ring, ring, I’m gripping your chest hair like I’m cliff hanging,
but let me go, with arms so big, I won’t have to worry about falling
Yeah, yeah I know.
Man boy, you’ve got me questioning myself, and the old me, and what I
used to hate, let me take the worm, fish to your bait.
Oh really, that’s great?
I’ve never done this before, it’s my first time with a man, I used to
never dream of his, but god damn….you’ve really got short fingers, but
pretty good sized hands”
She said said to me.



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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