I’ve dealt with periods of nine.

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I don’t want to remember high school really. It was like that thing, that had to be done, and I did it. Irrespective of my level of popularity, I woke up. High School was just a fashion show, filled with horny, superficial young people. I was caught in the mix a bit grades 9-10, I admit. But never had I grasped a sense of scholastic spirit. Maybe it was because I didn’t grow up in the country long enough to respect it, or be brainwashed (choose your pick) but, I wasn’t with it. By the end of the tenth grade I became disconnected; my personality is one that blooms, so contrary to what I just said, I did still show out to my peers; it was just in the grand scheme of things that, well, I did not care. I never made sacrifice to be down with the get down, I just found my way slightly in. It’s funny though, after everyone graduates, they finally realize all that hard work that they put in, turns to shit, once we’re all in college, because you see, by that time we’re all friends now. All those nerds, with amazing jobs, everybody is their friend, and just anyone living fine period. I peeped game if you will, years before, like many. Actually no, like few. I just don’t want to look back at it, I had fun, I really did. They crazy parties, the women, the fights, the jokes, the adventure, the women, etc…it had it’s moments. I have no problem never remembering what happened within those walls confined; honestly would have committed suicide if I ever got left back. I wish I knew what I was talking about now, back then, because if I did, it’d be very interesting. What I’m trying to say is, it’d be like an anthropological journey, looking at these idiots wearing their masks. Fake. Nobody standing by convictions and such. I’m glad a majority of people took these masks off, about time. But I find it ever so traditional, that in moments of heat, the put that face cover, right back on. I should have went to High School high, I should have. It would’ve made those days go faster, but I didn’t, an I’m glad I guess. Now college is another thing, it’s amazing, an horrible. High School was just horrible, and it tried to be amazing, it was like a virgin…..piña colada, (also known as rubbish).

If it were left up to me (haha, that’s a Sly and The Family Stone song ♥) I’d just want to….well, I don’t know. I don’t know much really, but I do know I have a very bitter feelings towards High School. No matter how many amazing things happened to me in it. I just have a disdainful attitude towards false living; it was like a world of Lego people. Then again, I guess that’s what helps shape me, along with the world. A taste of plastic, and flesh so you can differentiate future endevours. I guess with that being said, I do appreciate High School.

Yeah….. right, fuck that.



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One Response to I’ve dealt with periods of nine.

  1. Right on target–a world of Lego people. Great post.

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