Nay Sway.

Dec 28, 2010 @ 19:26

Woke up, had sex….mmm, that was great. She’s leaving now….pulling her over-sized pajamas back, over that body…mmm…that body. Gotta make breakfast.
Walking through the snow in Brooklyn, it’s cold, but I don’t mind, after all, her hands are in my pockets. Extra warmth. There’s two little girls walking a dog, one of the girls fell into the snow, laughing; life smells great right now.
Went to the supermarket, bought chicken.
I look like a Russian spy, baklava, leather gloves, dressed to kill.
It’s time we get dressed now, and we’re dressed. J train, an all that Jazz.
We’re at her house now, her, I, and her.  The pipes frozen, we can’t get any water to cook the food. This is tragic, but what do we do, we three?
Dub step music.
6 shots vodka, take your shots.
Pics/videos taken, my head is light, and the music is great. She’s kissing me.
She’s calling me and her gay, because we have Facebooks, and she just deleted hers.
We are attacking her now.
Threesome? No, she would kill me? I think.
Walked out house, weed in one hand, tobacco the next. We’re walking, down the straight.
Went to deli- spoke Arabic, still smoking.
I think she stole burger from the deli, hmm.
Ran to subway station.
We’re yelling loud in station, the ticket guy in the both, must have gotten used to this non-sense. Look at his face. Dead. I guess he wants to be back home with the…television remote, perhaps.
There’s a couple, kissing in turnstiles.
There’s a couple in window, hugging.
They’re amused by us, they really are. We’re loud as hell, I don’t know what we’re saying.
Train coming. We’re not paying for the ticket.
Ran under turnstiles no payment- I kept saying “I’m going to jail”
Almost missed train. Where are my two acquaintances?
I’ve lost them. I see them now, they’re waving, and yelling my name, far, far away.             I had to walk through two cars to get to them. We meet up.
She, and I, are eating  the stolen burger in front of her. It tastes delicious.
I’m blasting “The Horrors” now from my iTouch into headphones.

She is throwing up Burger. I saw her throwing up, before she actually did. Must be the weed, or the alcohol. I don’t know. Drugs. Her head is down, I knew what that meant.
There is a guy singing on train- typical R&B voice, I’m not impressed.
I’m singing to her now whose head is down still, vomiting. I’m sitting across from her, on the train. We’re heading to a club, or a bar, or something. Man next to me, and to them, notice the vomit. Amazed.
She bought chocolate snicker bar, and water for her.
We get out- 10million hours later.
Men are walking on the tracks,

Me: There’s men walking on the train tracks!
Her: No…wait…oh my god there is!!!

Walking down to the end of the station, to be at the back of the train. I’m singing in French, and grabbing people’s water bottles, and throwing them on the train tracks. I feel great. We caught the train- ride to last stop- We’re not going out anymore, we’re riding the train in reverse, all the way back.
Walking home

I’m bugging now dancing sliding-
Going crazy
She says to me “Remember that water?”, I don’t respond back. Now I’m throwing ice at stores.
Now I’m throwing the water/ the bottle at a church- singing Death Rock. I feel amazing.
We’re home now- She passes out, in her bed.
Me and her are cooking, while she’s upstairs sleeping. She’s the best- she cooked for me.
We’re watching GhostShip
We were supposed to have sex….but we passed out…


The end.




About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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