There’s cold in them there hills.

“I don’t know, because”
“You know the answer, but you want me to say it anyway….”
“No, that’s why I asked you”
“Haha, well….”
“Whatever, I don’t..”
“I mean, you’ll be fine!”
“What fine, how much?”
“It’s no cost silly”
“Sure about that? I will be losing something after all. There’s no profit, only a loss in goods. Alas, like always, it’ll just be another smudged set of inky words saying –I lO..v..e…Yu-
“You act as is it’s such a stress baby, we need water. Water is good, it’s clean, it’s refreshing, and it keeps things interesting…I’d always…”
“Whatever…..I’m indifferent. That’s it”
“You don’t love me”
“Go away”
“I will, I am. I told you it’d be fine, now drink up, I have to catch that train boy.”
Oh, drink up? Yeah, that’s what they say when their glass will be kissed by refills. Oh DRINK UP! Then when my cup is bone dry, I must pretend that the last luminance of sparkley saliva in my mouth- was sparked by some liquid that doesn’t exist.  Fuck you, and keep your cup. No, it’s not alright being a resident of the penthouse, when you’ve set up shop in the basement, or or or or or or……or being at the end of the table, with your side protruding out the door. I’m tired of test taking, I don’t want to endure anything, you’re the worst. Just place your shoes at the fucking door, it’s not that hard. But no, no, no, no..that’s too difficult for you. You’re claustrophobic in the space of Planet Earth, maybe you should really go to hell, if it exists- there’s more space for your little elbows. I caught it, held it, dropped it, forgot where it was, found it again- and LOVED it. But here comes the good ole’ tax man telling me “Hey there bud! You know I have to talk half, of your half, no?”
Yeah, I’m used to that shit, or at least that’s what I was asked today…or told.
“Yeah? Well shit, you should be used to that”
Don’t try and read between the lines, because there is no hidden meaning. At least none that I am aware of. I feel like I’m on this spinning teacup ride, the one they have at amusement parks right; all I’m doing is just spinning, and when I get off, I am so dizzy, that I don’t realize I’ve rejoined the line for the exact ride….all over again, until I’m already within the teacup. There’s no winning in amusement parks, you’re happy until everyone leaves, and even when they shut the lights, and the power off- I’m still there- in the darkness– spinning my little yellow teacup, like it’s going anywhere at all.
Fucking loser.
-S. Rich

About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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