Queen of nothing.

You love when people bow to your whim, you love that. But
when it comes time for you to bend, adapt, or change, it’s a
problem. All of a sudden it’s -your way, and you don’t have to
change for anybody- because you’re some self-proclaimed “boss”;
that’s actually the actions of a selfish, self-proclaimed weakling
(see: bitch). I asked you to name ONE thing, that you’ve changed
about yourself to help along with our relationship, and you sat
there silent as a fucking blackberry weh bruk. Whereas I can own up
to many things you wanted out of me to change, and I did so, not
because I’m a bitch, but because I’m a man- and I can own up/adapt
to any situation in hopes that it’s a move to something positive.
This is something that you’re probably still too feeble to
understand, yet you like to carry yourself as one who is
intelligent, and humble. Humble
is actually one of the worst words you can use as an adjective to
describe yourself, that you are not. You demand respect, yet
constantly disrespect me; still, I overstand. It just goes to show
how weak you are, and “fragile”. You’re only defense that you
constantly use against me, is that of high school drama, holding
hands, walking in line with one another, an other childish things.
I guess I shouldn’t expect much from someone so young,
unfortunately, they way you pretend to carry yourself, I more than
just “expect” greater things from you. You speak of roads which
you’re incapable of walking. Whenever you find yourself in a
quagmire, caused by your stupidity, and hotheadedness, you act like
a turtle on it’s back, you do any, an everything you can to get
back on your feet; and never think straight. Erase the word humble
from your vocabulary. You’re not worthy of it. You’re beautiful,
and I find you to be one of the most, if not most amazing human
beings I’ve ever been with, but like all humans, you have your
flaws…which is nothing of surprise. You asked me two days ago in
your bedroom, whether or not I see the faults in my actions, the
reason why I never responded, is because it’s OBVIOUS that I do see
the faults, if I’m always trying to re-adjust and learn you; YOU’RE
the one not seeing your faults; and why should I try harder to
learn you, if you won’t learn me. Then you go on to contradict
yourself. You huff and puff how I need to learn you etc…yet when
I point out your mistakes, and your wrong doings (when you ask for
specifics, I give you them), you’re once again: dead as a fucking
doorknob; you cannot respond, your excuse: “I don’t have to tell
you my reasons” <–answer= you have no fucking reasons/ or
the one that I find the cutest "that's how I am, and I won't
change" – do you see the contradictions, you're smart enough to
figure it through…or maybe not. I love you, and wish you would
check your ego into some hotel over yonder.
Respect your elder, and
man that is Steve M. Rich.

P.S. there is such thing as being wrong, contact me when you find
this out.



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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  1. sounds like someone eye know

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