I don’t like people that are newly enlightened, and socially aware, that try to force their new findings on other people; calling them blind, an unaware, shit like that. That’s not how you wake up your fellow sister, or brother to the unseen things in this world, idiot. – previous Facebook status of mine.

It seems like the cool thing to do I guess, somebody reads a published book about some conspiracy; all of a sudden they’re credited experts. I dislike this. It’s good to enlighten others, but never force one. Nobody needs your words forced through their ears, you’re just like the other idiotic zealots that run people down, giving them little booklets with words.

And besides, nobody really knows what’s what, and if you do, why haven’t you caused an uproar that leads to change? Oh….I’m guessing that’s because….you’re not as accurate as you believe. I do appreciate people trying to educate others to things that aren’t brought to light, we must spread knowledge. As socially aware, conscious, or “waken” minds…we must try to bare with ignorance, because in truth, we are all ignorant; some more than others.

Reason most people, in my opinion,  are living life acceptably “blind”, is because they want to be happy, and more time, they frown upon the tactics used to tell people the “truth”. There’s nothing wrong with those people, hell, I’m pretty sure everyone gets to a point in life where they feel that, mentally, they’re tired. This may seem as: The man won! or The Beast got you! – But no, it’s simply, people…believe it or not are human; and we all need a little rest. So whilst some sleep, the others must take shift, and carry on the good word. We’re so pretentious at times, that we don’t even know it. We’re all caught up in images, and such.

People ask me many times, Rich, why do you talk so much, where are your results? My results are in the people that I bring light to, just as people have passed torches on my path. More so, me writing this blog does much more…than you so, question, where are your results?

Whether you decide to read historical texts, the papers, or whatever, never be pressured because people believe you’re “asleep” or “society has you brainwashed”- fuck that…fuck all of that. Live your life as a happy, and benevolent human being. Nobody owes, anybody anything on this Earth, but love.



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I drink glasses of cold water.
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4 Responses to Aware?

  1. And besides, nobody really knows what’s what, and if you do, why haven’t you caused an uproar that leads to change? Oh…. <<< are you kidding me stephen. people do, all the time EVERYWHERE, and the public ignores it, the media equates them as being insane. you know this.

    • If there’s enough ocular proof, one doesn’t get ignored. One may get killed, silenced, etc….but not ignored or made to look crazy. It’s the things that don’t have much concrete stance….that gets ignored or ridiculed; not saying that those things (whatever they may be) are in a sense wrong. There’s many things in this world that people are on to, and yes some get left in the dust, some with truth, but that statement was directed to the people that obviously have no idea what they’re talking about/have shit for truth.

  2. i stopped reading this post after that sentence.
    i’m gonna need you to come CORRECK

    • Well if you stopped reading after that sentence, I don’t care to build upon anything much, more. Either you read it in a whole, or not- with the latter being the case, anything you say after… invalid. Don’t judge a book solely by it’s intro, without having read all its pages. You stand on thin ice my love.

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