Sorry I can’t be that well fined polished fuck of a man, that you want; but fuck. What the fuck in fuck’s sake, shall I fucking do? The Fuck face of society has fucked your fucking mind into believing this fuckery. Though, when we fuck, you could give a fuck less, about that other fucking fuck, an all the other fuckers. That’s just fucked up I guess, but hey, look who is in front of the fucking mirror, you, you fuck. I’m fucking content with this fuck of a fuck, or whatever the fuck you want to call it, you however, are too fucked up, to sustain your fuck. Whether you tell me to fuck “you” or “off” it’s all friggin’ foolishness for fake fucking fucks like you, who are too busy to admit of their fuck ups, when they fuck up.
So in that case…

Fuck it.




About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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6 Responses to Eh-f

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  2. diana says:

    i want to talk with you. i know i may sound like crazy. but i like you. so, if you want to talk.. you have my email now. sorry my bad english. be safe. muuahh

  3. diana says:

    or, give me your name on facebook:D dai dai

  4. diana says:

    oh, i find you. so delete all thise comm, please. thanks. and talk with you soon. hopely. peace

  5. Whatttt thaa fuck? Lol.

  6. diana says:

    :)) i know. crazy people, ha?

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