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Circus belief

Try as you might to close your eyes and delude yourself into thinking, everything is going to be alright it’s fine Pretend that everything is great the world love-loves you, and all your love didn’t drown in that lake you’re … Continue reading

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Shut the hell up.

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What do you think of Rebecca Black?

She reminds me of Nas. I can see light coming from your belly. What was it you wanted to ask again?

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I’m just asking

I swear, sometimes you just don’t know shit you’re like a prick in my bloody foot that I pick Butitisallmyfaultallmyfaultallmyfault…..alright. Build me up more puppy dreams so I can eat and defecate, like your mouth when you speak. You don’t … Continue reading

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In the darkness I have seen tiny suns Fitted into my palms, cloaked by some mysterious fear My palms like guns, blowing hot and cold carbon into the air Told to weep, and rebuild I was told to grab dirt … Continue reading

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Rain in the library

I care said the lady that walked by, haah, she picked up my books. Whilst I sit, so blit, on the ground in the Boarders Book Store…..oh…that floor. I’m in love with the semi-warm air outside, all around, yes. Our … Continue reading


Commiting suicide, with your fingers in my hair

Tropical murders with that sweet orange juice girlfriend, that you’d spill the glow out of the moon-squeezing it like an apple till it spews out liquid light. Just frosted arrows, up on penthouses in frozen yellow clouds; big like big … Continue reading