Rain in the library

I care said the lady that walked by, haah, she picked up my books. Whilst I sit, so blit, on the ground in the Boarders Book Store…..oh…that floor. I’m in love with the semi-warm air outside, all around, yes. Our walks down 34th, to 12th ave- remind me of love, smoking Apple Blacks- sitting down…..around….on the bench, my hands, your pants…and the waves of water crash…rocks, love, rocks….we sit…with traffic in our backs, breaking soon….soon….then we’ll leave. I feel so relieved, I can breathe angel! In my leather shoes, with your hands in mine, so fine, I’m so fine baby, God I love you…..now take the light in my hand, swallow, inject, and inject lust into my bloodstream. Before this cutting madness, I found my name in Gold. Rich, in Gold. We stopped talking since then….up until, the warm air creeped back on Earth, erasing that cold frost, of leaves…..and now we’re back, in each other’s drunk hands. How did we end up here, with my hands all in your hair, with my father, for that matter. That’s alright, because soon, or, well, by then..yes….Yes…We’ll go back tho=rough= through, bliss rings of flames…once again, not near, nor far…..hey…you there….




About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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