Circus belief

Try as you might to close your eyes
and delude yourself into thinking, everything is going to be alright
it’s fine

Pretend that everything is great
the world love-loves you, and all your love didn’t drown in that lake
you’re fine

Burn pictures of smiles in fires dim
which would be used for some family fire in the den, but is now your bonfire of win
everything is fine

Just don’t look down, the streets are cold an unhealthy
keep walking that rooftop of lies, because beyond your feet
everything is reverse, images an all, people are a curse
and you did the silly thing, to poke holes through your blindfold
should’ve kept your eyes sheltered, hope lives in it
and when you saw that thing in the sky you noticed
the sun isn’t as pretty as you imagined, isn’t it?

An it’s all too late, you’ve already kissed the lips of nothing, and got what was promised
and come to find out
that you were just paranoid to climb out; and nothing was ever underneath your feet
the street is as healthy as grass, and you’re just as stupid unbroken glass- no brain, no logic

thinking you were all safe walking on that rope, suspended between two buildings
now you’d rather fall, than stall another life for death’s killings

Was it worth the trouble



I hope so.




About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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  1. Amazing website & writing skills. You my friend have TALENT!

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