You look like you’re homeless.

I’ve been thinking about it lately, and I find it so intriguing the way certain people approach/live life. Take for example, those people we call “losers” that have no job, live in mommy’s house, etc…. at first glance, the uncontrollable feeling of “thispersonisagoddamnloser” creeps into play; who are they really though? Are they unmotivated snails, crawling on life’s Amazonian floor? Or could they just be people that are living life the way it should be lived: Happily.
Now, I’m not one for too much bumming around (just a little) but I’ve recoiled those negative thoughts to people like that.
We live. We die. Life. It’s pretty much like that, as long as you’re happy, and not hurting anybody you’re just as good as those people with Master Degrees. You (meaning anybody) are not obligated to impress anybody but yourself, don’t live for people, live for self. You walk through life head held high, with as much positivity, and benevolence as you can commit to; I’d say you’re living life swell.

Don’t judge, live.




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I drink glasses of cold water.
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One Response to You look like you’re homeless.

  1. CINNA says:

    Funny, I have a Masters degree AND am [currently] jobless back at home with mommy. (>_>) damn economy.

    Nice post tho. Now i feel winnerISH, yay! (seriously)

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