I forgot how to smile

It’s that night, sitting there with my shiny shoes buried in some unknown colour carpet. You’re next to me. Being that you’re nothing, I guess nobody is literally next to me. So many drunk faces, my sober eyes can’t relate. Neither can yours, but, nobody has eyes, which means, everybody has eyes, you’re not everyone. I’d rather put my left hand down my pants, but we’re in public, and the music is too loud. So I look at you, then the couple next to us kissing, then I look at the ground. The ground is nice, yet we walk all over it, that’s its purpose in life I guess. I too, am part-time working in the same department; I don’t remember being a floor though. I’m not going to crack lips, to show you some stone teeth. Bleh. I am so happy. I am so sad. So, so, so sad. I love me. I’m fucking up. Badly. YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU. I’m going to kill you. I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore…….I’m going to sleep. But before I do that…I hope you like all the rubies I feed you, all the dirt, and pretty things. Eat it. All of it. Go ahead, I’m skinny, I’m used to not having my fill- that’s if you were on the outside looking in. Alright, night-night!!!



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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