Do you follow, a path of lies throughout time so hollow?

In the distance through the hallway of floating bells, stands in the crystalline mist, swirling lies of truth. All around in parallel worlds, dancing on magical pearls, of fabricated books, refuting, disproving, polluting, such washed brains, so that later in one’s dusty life, he or she, shall not delve deeper, to seek light, and peace, so bright, the uprooting, and full bodied, not of diluting, truth. The pale one’s hide in cloaks, high upon court-mountains, masked with hats made from water fountains, and whisper long Chinese lies. Don’t answer your telephone for, on the receiving end, will be the end of the dark-son; watch, and follow, – retrace the steps of the black one. For buried deep within the soil of Nubian mothers, lies ingrown seeds, that now are depicted by lighter shade. Death without justification, underneath past bliss, lies shoved down the throats of Khemet men, with black lips…..dying truths, hidden in between unseen walls, and made out as superstitious speaks. All jealous with dark eyes, an opposite pigment, near faded, jaded, yet they are self-proclaimed illuminated. Overstand what they’ve been trying to make you understand, and reject the one’s with the snow leopard hair, and frosty colored hands. Dear mother Nubia, you might get me killed, here, there, before, and after Yah…I am not Egyptian, or Agiptos…I don’t come from a made up place named Afica; so still there is no peace, for some stripped king- renamed, and raped of his History…so please….refrain for false speaks, my mother is that of Isis, and not of Greece.



About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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9 Responses to Do you follow, a path of lies throughout time so hollow?

  1. As a European African, I can emphathize with the way Isis-Mother calls to all her displaced progeny. It is good to remember that Africa is the cradle of humanity, those of ‘black lips’ and ‘frost colored hands’ alike.

  2. ollie says:

    passion passion passion I<3 can feel your frustration

  3. Excellent post thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading and writing poems very much. It’s very relaxing. Thanks again.

    An Easter Poem

  4. Oh, your writing is spectacular! Did this just pour forth like a river? It sounds like it did. Truly inspired. I love the lyrical poetic flow, the “dancing on magical pearls”, the “snow peopard hair and frosty colored hands”. Wowzers. What a trip this Sunday morning. Thank you!!!!!

  5. QS says:

    This is needed. This is fire. This is truth.

    1 luv…

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