The Healer

"The Healer" - Erykah Badu

When we speak of the “Golden Era” of rap music, there’s a lot of flack that is received. People say things such as “you’re stuck in that era, you need to move on”, statements such as this arise from the immediate rejection, of the pop music which is played on the radio. Whilst it is true, that the new era of rap music does have its amazing emcees (i.e people such as Blu, Lupe, Jay Electronica, The Cool Kids, Pac Div, etc…etc..), what it lacks is the originality, the fight, the purpose. If you choose to ignore the current covert, and mental slavery which is going on in this world, I advise you stop reading my blog from now, moving on, as stated a moment ago, if you choose to ignore such obscurities, then the beast has already infiltrated you. This club music, this happy music, is fine, it is. When at a club, or any place of enjoyment, these commercial artist are perfect for what they bring; they give us enjoyment from stressful days, and more so this stressful world. The problem is that this music, unfortunately, is the majority; this is where the problem lies. The problem doesn’t lie in the fact that Soulja Boy doesn’t stimulate the mind as an artist such as, let’s say Nasir Jones, also known as Nas. That’s not the problem, emancipate your mind from that incorrect interpretation. The real problem is that, during these current times, pop music just simply cannot stand as the majority; actually let me correct myself Pop music can NEVER be the majority; why you ask? Simple. What would you rather have, regression, and blind happiness, or, knowledge, and progression? Answer that for yourself. I think I speak on behalf of many listeners when I say, I’d rather have insightful, creative, and mind stimulating music as the majority, than finger snapping, ass shaking music which, don’t let me be misunderstood, is not BAD music, it’s just not as relevant to us as a people, AS MUCH AS music which can help us grow as a people, as persons living on this Earth.

What you have to understand is, this is more than Hip Hop, this is more than you, and I, this is the universe. There must be a balance, and at the forefront of this balance, that “old school” music, as many label it, is not “old”, it is timeless; the music that these artists get written for them by other writers, to win all these irrelevant and vain awards, are the songs that will become forgotten, thus they are “old school”.

In conclusion: The next time you’re ready to jump on someone’s back, because it seems that they are ridiculing the “new school” think about what they are really saying, and stop being ignorant and blind to what’s happening right under your nose.


Sincerely that “Old school fool, that doesn’t like the new school, and is stuck listening to Illmatic all day…bla bla bla bla Fuck you”



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  1. QS says:

    This one is for Dilla…

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