Holler for Peace.

You ever notice how black males, always feel the need to get the attention of the opposite sex? You know, the whole “Hey love, what’s your name” “What’s up baby” “Damn girl you look fine as hell, let me talk to you” <—yes those statements. I did some quick thinking, and, I have a small theory on these interactions. Why do they say this?

  • To get in a woman’s pants
  • To hold a conversation with an attractive lady
  • Love? Peace? Light?

I believe subconsciously, as a people robbed from our mother land, and retaught our own sciences, blinded by what’s truth…..we overlook certain things. Have you ever stopped and thought, those same men saying these things know: There’s almost no chance in hell, they’re going to find a wife, or even a one night stand with those encounters, yet, almost by second nature, they KEEP on doing it.
Ask yourself this: I (you) descend from a great people, full of light, love, knowledge, and melanin. Could this mean that, what these men are really saying to me is: Hotep, Hutuapo, or…Peace to you, my beautiful black sister, mother of creation, Queen, Goddess, I appreciate you for being, for breathing, for existing…could this really be what they are trying to say?
Ask yourself this: Could it be, due to the intoxication of my people, the forced conditioning, that the words their subconscious minds are trying to say…are these peaceful, loveable, bonding displays of vocal appreciation?

You never thought about that before have you? Step outside the box of “reality” that these Western slave masters have bread you to believe.

Next to you hear the phrase “Yo ma, what’s good- you sexy as hell…holla at me” ladies, respond with “Peace my brother, my name is: [______] may you find much light, and love”.

Stop being apart of the problem, look for light and solutions; or you can totally ignore all of which I just typed. It’s up to you King/Queen.




About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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