A sterile Trillium hybrid between Trillium cer...

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Skinny Black Tie around the head of someone who
thought too much to think about it all
leaving forever and yesteryear to the brown and grey
Refusing to walk, talk, or bat eyelashes to academics
sterile chemist of Red and love so Blue
left out of Up, and silly smoke filled rooms

But you like the way it makes you feel
No excuse for the one wearing a noose
And no sunshine for the one I call mine
Serene, and pristine glass shoes for the summer


Lazily avoiding negativity through some half-life conversations black
And the money you don’t have, but the laughter is great isn’t it?
Everyone else walking on their knees, and you’re limitless to lies



Don’t worry everyone loves you.




About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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