Popcorn ribbons.

I’m tired of eating Apple pie crumbs, it’s always the same slick between your thumbs
But it’s kind of like love, the gook, between your gums
I don’t have any guns on my heart, just lasers to remind me that you’re there
You exist in my hair, and for what orange peel taste, when I brush against your face
Smiling like cats, banjo pants, and my hard heart race
Just pushing my fingers into foil when I see you
I like that
How do you like that?
Let me show you what I mean….


It’s always the same story, that’s why I throw my books off the train
Because I can’t remember the last time you weren’t on my grain
Nut, oak, Oak, and somethings….or milk and slim, I can’t remember….but I do like your skin..

Who needed much of nothing? I did.
Who wanted nothing but everything? Me.
Who received love, when it was giving between lip biting, eye squints, and pillows that needed to be flipped because things got too hot?


I’m asking you a question……but I guess you’ll answer it yesterday.

I don’t know where we have to go, but I hope it’s somewhere silver, and black
Hands behind her back, a tongue on your wrist, eating grass with a lisp…talk to me baby…


Your feet are so wet, don’t walk on the concrete…..walk on the soil, walk on the plants, walk on my soul, walk on my path. If it’s anything, I do have a couple of coins, and some lint in my pockets, but beneath all of this spaceship body rockets a bliss; something I’d like you to take from me with just one kiss…..

Because I don’t want much…..I guess that’s why these coins are here to call my bluff…







About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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