I’m your moon, he’s…

2010-07-26 057 01


She likes it when you’re touching her face
Loves it when you hold her hand crossing the street
Everything was then, can’t replace
Kissed in cold sand, water on her feet
You can use me for my body, I’ll use you for your love
We don’t lo….


“Don’t finish that sentence baby”
“Because I’m your lady”
“You’re always say…..”
“I love you, shut up”


Under your spell, stop taking off my clothes, I don’t want to fuck you tonight….let go of my shirt..
“I’ll fuck you right”


Naked in the corner, drunk, and crying…I’m not there, this is not anywhere, you are dreaming. Thinking we’re hearts, jealous, different arts, zealous of your God……I’m always second place; I love it. Drinking pain under the leaves, slicing it’s veins…I wonder if you imagine my face, whilst he’s between your thighs…save…grace..

I’m uncomfortably stable, living in your genjutsu, I know you don’t love me…but promise me when your Sun goes away…you’ll love me.


Tond evol em.




About Oil Underneath

I drink glasses of cold water.
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